Newspaper Advertising List of Publications by State




Newspaper Advertising Resource List

Despite what you might hear about the demise of newspapers, newspaper ads remains a very powerful way to reach consumers! This Newspaper advertising resource list by state is where you can run small ads for cheap. This list comes complete with phone numbers for each newspaper and ad rates as low as $4 per ad.

Video: How One Small Newspaper Ad Blew Up My Landscaping

Special Added Bonus Included:

Effective Newspaper Ads – Tips on creating a newspaper ad that stands out from all the others. Explains the importance of using attention grabbing headlines and being concise.

4 Tricks to Save Money on Newspaper Ads – Advertising on newspapers has been losing its charm steadily. It just doesn’t seem to be getting the returns possible earlier. However, newspaper advertising still makes a lot of sense for some businesses. Here’s how they could implement newspaper campaigns effectively.

Newspaper Ad Costs – How much do newspaper ads cost? Newspaper ads can be found cheap. We’ve isolated a few advertising costs for newspapers to give you a feel for what you’ll get for your money.

Free Newspaper Advertising – Highlights using an advertising co-op to get free newspaper ads. Gives step by step instructions on how it’s done.

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